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Peplum: the mircle shirt

17 Jul

This shirt is no stranger to the fashion world, Peplum tops were first introduced in the 1940 as a way to glam up the traditional women’s suit. This was the age of a women’s first introduction into the workplace, and in true woman’s fashion they needed a killer wardrobe to match.
Fashion brought the Peplum back in the 80s where floral prints matched feminine accent and the trend was reborn.


Today in the modern 21 century the Peplum has once again made a comeback. This trend has made its way onto the runways and our closets just in time for spring/summer while the fashion world is still obsessing over vintage inspired chic 40s & 50s fashion.


The reason I call the peplum a miracle top is because this trend works great on everyone, all shapes and sizes, of all ages. It clenches the waist and flares at the hips to create a long hourglass figure. It instantly creates curves in all the right places and hides any imperfections with the flair bottom. Heres some tips on how to wear this trend.

Peplum tops
Pair with pencil skirts or straight leg pants. Stay away from anything with a flare bottom such as A line skirts or in pants anything larger than a boot cut hem. (Using these will make u appear wider on the bottom instead of the hourglass figure we are going for.)



Peplum skirts
Pencil skirts work best in a peplum skirt keep the top simple in a solid color or slim fit.


Peplum dress
Another miracle dress that looks great
On everyone. Have fun choosing patterns and colors, neons are totally in this season. Peplum dresses also make for the perfect LBD (little black dress) since its so versatile. Just remember the fit is important the peplum should sit on your waist just above your hips and the clench at or just below your belly button.


Work great on a peplum to add extra definition to your waist and accessorize your outfit

Hope you found this fashion tip helpful send me pictures of your fave peplum or your peplum outfits and you may be featured on the next fashion on the streets. Vixenmakeup@gmail.com
Happy shopping


Trip to the Amstelveen Market and Mall

23 May

Today I visited the Amstelveen market in the Netherlands. This market is open year round from 7am To 5pm on friday only. Located in the center of the Winkelcentrum stadshart shopping center in Amstelveen Netherlands. Just a quick 22 minute drive from the big city of Amsterdam, the market is host to numerous venders of shopping and eateries. Foods from around the world including fresh meats, cheeses and fresh produce can be found along the booths.


My favorite food item at this market was in fact not a dutch dish at all, but a Vietnamese snack called a loempia. These are fried spring rolls accompanied by a sweet and spicy sauce. They are to die for, and at only 1€, a steal for a quick snack while shopping.


Along with all the fresh food venders, there were booths for just about everything u could possible imagine. From hardware to novelty cards. One of my favorite booth was that of a Trimming vender. Amongst the various trimmings and patch work, they sold the most amazing buttons in every color. The buttons were color coordinated and packed in tubes for easy viewing. You couldn’t beat the price at only .50ct for 5 buttons. In other booths I found great prices on clothing. I picked up this great jacket for only 17€. In another booth a purse, made of real leather for 10€. Friendly salesmen (most of which whom speak English) and great prices make Amstelveen market a great stop when visiting the Netherlands.



When your done with the market Amstelveen’s Winkelcentrum stadshart Shopping Center is home to a great mall with over 200 luxury shops including one of my favorite stores in the Netherlands, HEMA. It’s a great place to buy inexpensive makeup and beauty essentials. I also love to shop in De Bijenkorf while in the Netherlands. This is a huge department store compared to a Bloomingdale’s or a Macy’s as we have here in the US. They carry everything from clothing to house hold items.


2 liquid liners,eyeshadow primer, bronzing and blush brushhemaDe Bijenkorf

So if you’re in the Netherlands and would like to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the big city Amsterdam. I suggest you take a look at the Winkelcentrum stadshart shopping center in Amstelveen.