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Tricks to bigger lips

4 May

Did you ever wish you had bolder pouter lips but to afraid to turn to surgical enhancements? Here’s the trick to getting the look with out the pain to your face or to your wallet.

Tools you will need for this look:
~clear lip gloss
~nude lip liner
~your favorite lipstick color
Try a bold RED lip
*Not sure if red is right for you. Learn how to wear the right red with April
~A lip brush (I suggest the MAC 318 brush)
~Lip Plumping gloss

Now let’s get started. So we’re all familiar with the queen of the extended lip, Miss Pamela Anderson, but long gone are the bay watch days of huge hair meets fake boobs and frozen botoxed facial features. Nowadays we wants a more natural look to our face and bodies. This simple lip trick will enhance your lips with out a needle.

First, we always want to Prep and Prime our lips before we try any lip tricks. Taking care of your lips is so important, chapped and cracked lips are not pretty.
Exfoliate your lips with a soft lip scrub that contains vitamin A or E once or twice a week, this will keep your lips stay kissably soft.
(I love using Lip Scruff from the body shop $12.50, the mint flavor is so yummy)
Next Prime Your Lips. Using a primer helps your lipstick stay put and prevents lip color from bleeding.
( I like to use VS Pro Pout Fx Lip Primer and Definer. $12)

Now it’s time to Fill Your Entire Lip with a Clear Gloss. Choosing the right gloss is not such an easy task. There are so many glosses on the market from different companies that it may be hard to choose just one. If you’re a Makeup Guru like myself I bet your makeup kits are filled with glosses from different labels that contain various textures, finishes, glitters, flavors and such. But for the everyday person who is not so much into makeup as a competitive sport but as a mere spectator, a walk down the cosmetics aisle can be very confusing. For this exercise we are using a clear lip gloss so it will be a little easier. You should choose a gloss that is smooth in texture without being overly sticky. Also stay away from glosses that are to oily this will make your lipstick smudge and wear off easily.
(Two great clear lip glosses I suggest are MAC Clear Lipglass $15, Nyx Mega Shine Lipgloss in Clear $5.50)
Here comes the fun part take your Nude Lip Pencil and Line your Lips. Next slowly extend the line by creating an overlap over the last line on your top lip. First with one side then the other. Avoid lining the entire lip with one foul swipe. Take your time with this step. It’s like using eyeliner, you want to make sure your lines are completely even. Repeat overlapping the previous line until you have reached your desired dream lip shape. But remember to not overly embellish. I suggest drawing only one or two lines above your natural lip shape to create a natural look.
(Any Nude lip pencil will do but I like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Wallflower $19 and NYX Retractable Lip liner in Natural $4.50)
By now you should be looking in the mirror and saying to yourself, Angie eat your heart out, but if you’re not, don’t freak. Wipe the canvas clean and start all over again. Did Micheal Angelo paint the sixth chapel in a day? No way! As so, the art of makeup takes practice. So take a facial wipe and scroll up to the top of this page and let’s get to work.

Grab your Lipstick and Using your Lip Brush swipe a good amount of color on to your brush. (Is anyone using red? I hope you are.) Swipe the color across your entire lip including the extended part very carefully. Press your lips together slightly. This will blend all of the layers together.

Lastly Apply a Small Amount of Lip Plumping Gloss to the middle of the upper and lower lips and press your lips together one last time and we’re done.
( I absolutely love Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment, it has a little bit of a kick, but who hasn’t bitten into a chili or two *wink*)

Now we have an eat your heart out pout that even Pamie would be jealous of. Keep the rest your makeup simple let the lips be the focus on this look. Be careful when drinking from a glass, use a straw instead it makes for less reapplys.