Mission statement: Welcome to my world

3 May

If beauty is an art then your body would be the canvas. A canvas that changes with the fall of the seasons or the change in a trend. I myself get my inspiration from the fabulous women I see on the streets in my everyday life. In my young life I’ve had the fortune of having a career that allows me to travel the world. In my travels I’ve seen lots of different trends and fashions. Something I’ve always known is, you can change your hair color or paint your face but underneath it all, the most beautiful accessory, is your heart. We are all different and have different styles but with out a good heart then all the “art” of fashion and makeup is nothing but a mask to cover the ugliness. This blog is my style, my choices in fashion and trends from the good to the bad and in between. Makeup, hair, fashion and a little bit of everything. I write because its another form of beauty. The beauty of words and the melody they sing when sentences come together. I am a workaholic, shopaholic, fashionista. I shop all around the world and here’s where I come to vent my thoughts. Is there anyone out there listening? I don’t really know. But I do know that it starts with one. One person that believes in you and knows that u have what it takes to Be the best. I know I have that person and thank god everyday that they are in my life. This blog is dedicated to that person.



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